Winrar License – Lifetime

I don’t know if this method was posted before…It’s easy to make your WinRAR free to the licensed version for a lifetime…. I tested it and it worked perfectly…
1) Create a file named rarreg.key and copy and paste the below Content into a file

RAR registration data CrYs18 Unlimited Company License UID=ea228bae0f80b479fe76 6412212250fe76df1495b77f7e5ba0c2fd815e56d40069578e2e28 5622090da9864a6f916060fce6cb5ffde62890079861be57638717 7131ced835ed65cc743d9777f2ea71a8e32c7e593cf66794343565 b41bcf56929486b8bcdac33d50ecf77399603567f8356cb038fef2 a39b421769204cd3b096421e7aacb5e5eb7b6f3ce61206bf592f0e f1fbc9665390710f532329f21c0e9c4c62393da076adbd4e60f8aa 7481327b52c2ff8cdc380ff84518333add77ecef6d631140337075

2. Place the File (rarreg.key) in your WinRAR Directory C:\Program Files\WinRAR
3. check if WinRAR has been activated, click on Help > About WinRAR
Boom… It’s done… You will get rid of license purchase popup every time….

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