Download Multi-profile Browser & Proxy Manager – HydraHeaders

Hi all,
We want to share with you a free tool that we created for managing multiple browser profiles and proxies.
You can use HydraHeaders as a multi-profile browser manager:

  • Control Multiple Browser Profiles Simultaneously
  • Emulate Devices And Avoid Detection
  • Use Your System’s Default Browser Profile
  • List and use your proxies either with a browser’s profile or your sytem’s default settings (no device emulation, only as a proxy manager)

WebRTC is disabled by default to prevent unwanted IP leaks.
Change browser’s locale settings for each profile – 50+ browser languages and timezone selector
NOTE: We are the developers of this product. And the Executable file is signed with a Comodo certificate (Code signing certificate)

Virus Total Link:
Download Multi-profile Browser & Proxy Manager

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