Limitation Strategies

This limitation strategy is the most popular strategy among business people, especially online businesses, from physical products to digital products. Limitation is limiting something to our product (time, stock, seat, etc.) will cause a scarcity effect of losing the opportunity to benefit from the product so that it is expected to accelerate the action to buy (or we have often discussed it psychologically with the term Loss Aversion. ).
if you often see countdown timers like this:

So they use the limit in the form of limited time, so make people immediately buy.
The psychological principles can be read in Dr. Robert Cialdini The Psychology of Persuasion:

And also the discussion about Loss Aversion which has been widely discussed in previous materials. reports the test results of their client’s website which initially looked like this:

It becomes like this:

The following results were obtained:

Conversion is increased by 3x just by adding the time limitation.
This strategy is also widely used by online booking applications such as and the like:

Also on most marketplaces:

Inform the remaining stock or remaining availability of the products you sell to create urgency

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